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About DreamVest Capital Management

DreamVest Capital Management caters to busy professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and hands-off private investors who want to increase, replace, or supplement their income… with passive cash flow from real estate-oriented investments.

Here are the 4 types of investments we specialize in:

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“…The Best Real Estate Professionals We Have Had the Pleasure of Partnering With…”

“Being very serious investors, we have dealt with a wide number and variety of persons selling real estate. Of the dozens we have dealt with, you have been patient and responsive to our developing a five-year real estate purchasing business plan. I will go so far as to say you are the best real estate professionals we have had the pleasure of partnering with… Your calm and persistent nature has made us feel very comfortable with you and you have earned our trust in our business venture together. Tanya and I are looking forward to our future of real estate investing with you!”

Bill & Tanya Naber

“Above and Beyond”

“I have nothing but positive things to say… they go above and beyond when it comes to communicating with their investors and providing great customer service. Even when things don’t go as planned (like when the utility company implements a new policy and delays the renting process by more than 3 weeks!), they always keep me informed about what’s going on, and I feel they really do care about me, my properties, and my renters. It’s rare to find this kind of dedication and service from a real estate company (or any type of company for that matter!), and best of all, the returns we’ve been getting have blown away any other investment my wife and I have ever been involved in!”

Phong Nguyen

“I’m Just Amazed at the Returns I’m Getting, and Can Now Realistically See Myself Retiring in A Little Less Than 5 Years!”

“I have always invested in stocks, mutual funds, and other types of traditional investments, so when I heard of the returns that DreamVest was touting, I was intrigued, but I was also very skeptical and thought it was too good to be true. After completing my first investment, I’m just amazed at the returns I’m getting, and can now realistically see myself retiring in a little less than 5 years.”

Kieu Loan