30 Apr 2019

What’s the Most Reliable and Predictable Way to Make a Fortune in Real Estate?

What’s the Most Reliable and Predictable Way to Make a Fortune in Real Estate?

Identify and Invest in Emerging Markets!

A common question I get whenever I meet with a group of investors is…

So what’s the best way to make money in real estate?

Or some variation of that question… which is kind of a loaded one, right?

Because it depends on so many things, like your budget, your financial goals, your experience, whether you’re an active or passive investor, etc.

But one general thought always comes to mind whenever I’m asked that question…

In my opinion, the most reliable and predictable way to a make a lot of money in real estate is to identify and invest in Emerging Markets.

So what’s an emerging market?

It’s one that’s still a bit sleepy. Under the radar. And the image of it tends to be a bit negative… or blah.

It’s also a market where the general public doesn’t quite understand how or why that specific area is “up-and-coming”.

So what’s the #1 tip-off that a market is emerging?

Job growth.

And here are some characteristics you’ll typically find in an “Emerging Market”:

  • Strong pro-business / pro-growth local leadership
  • Tax incentives offered by the local government (tax credits, tax rebates, grant programs, etc.)
  • Public/private partnerships
  • Government-donated land or property
  • Well-diversified inflow of jobs coming in (health, financial, business)

If you’re seeing 2 or more of the above in a given market, it warrants you taking a closer look. If 4 or 5 of these characteristics exist, then you really should be doing a deep dive… and start looking into that market very, very seriously.

Because it could be your ticket to financial freedom!

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